vendredi 25 février 2011

Few updates

New version of LeCto VST for Mac, Hybrit and SoloC Head for Windows are available. All of these sims had a gain difference between the two channels when used in stereo. I have also compiled versions of Hybrit and SoloC Head using SSE code for better performance.

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  1. Thank you again and again Mr. Lepou !

  2. thank you!!!!

    I hope you will do an au version of all your vst! :)

  3. Your work is appreciated very much. Thank You!

  4. i just want to say that HyBrit is the best marshallesque high-gain sim on the planet!!!i even diched my 2204 for this baby for home practice and preproduction,even considering to use it in the studio,great saturation,works magically with OD pedals (mxr zw in front for some boost/tight/edge on pinched harmonics),i use very low tuning (drop A) it doesn't lose on clarity.great note separation on high gain(sims typically don't do this very good,it's crucial for my playing) much like real old marshalls.only thing that can be done to improve this baby is to do sim of various valves used in poweramp,like to have a selection of poweramp with el34,6550,kt77 and kt88,and then it will be seriously considering to go with sample of this baby to local amp builder and to beg him to make head that sounds SAME as this baby.then I'll be in tone heaven.

    thanks milion times Mr. Lepou!and sorry for my bad english...many many greetings and best wishes from Montenegro!!!

  5. Bonjour Alain,
    Je vais être pauvrement banal mais ton travail est hallucinant de qualité.
    J'ai récupéré des rif chez KVR pour étendre encore les possibilités de tes amplis ...c'est incoyable de versatilité et de justesse, j'ai pourtant GUITAR RIG et un pod GX avec tous les plugs ... et bah tu enfonces gentiment tous les logiciels payant et tu te permet de luxe de les donner, à mon tour, je vais te donner, c'est peu de choses mais je suis au chômage pour le moment.
    Pas tenté par l'open source ou le portage sour linux ??

    Merci, merci merci et encore merci.

  6. Hi Lepou, are you planning on releasing source code to those amps for the community?
    For example using a GPLv3 license to protect against commercial use, I think it would be great to help making guitar sound processing free and open.

    Actually, using some of the open source hardware boards like the beagle board, it could also become the BEST digital pedal!