mercredi 7 décembre 2011

HyBrit for Mac with a new GUI

HyBrit is now available for Mac users in both AU and VST formats. The beautiful new GUI has been again design by nervirasme, thanks Man. The new skin is also available for windows users.

Download links are on the right.

ps: I have also added a download link for Le456 for windows with the new skin.

mercredi 31 août 2011

Mac version of Le456

Le456 is now available as both VST and AU for Mac and with a brand new look for the occassion. It's new skin has been design by nervirasme from Sneap's forum. Great work Goran, I really appreciate.

Download links are on the right.

vendredi 5 août 2011

Freeware amp sims on the latest sleepmakeswaves...

As annouced on different forums (GAM, UM and gearslutz), some of my plugins (along with other freewares) have been used in the production of the latest sleepmakeswaves album. Dax and Alex have made a great job production wise. You can have a listen of few tracks and put your hands on the album here.

lundi 14 mars 2011

Mac version of LeXtac and LeGion

LeXtac and LeGion are available as both VST and AU for Mac.
AU version of LeCto has also been update (GUI now refresh properly on presets loading).

Follow the links on the right.

vendredi 25 février 2011

Few updates

New version of LeCto VST for Mac, Hybrit and SoloC Head for Windows are available. All of these sims had a gain difference between the two channels when used in stereo. I have also compiled versions of Hybrit and SoloC Head using SSE code for better performance.

samedi 12 février 2011

LeCto AU

LeCto is now available in AU format.