dimanche 7 mars 2010


LeGion is a high gain preamp simulator. This is an original design, it's not based on any hardware gear. My goal here was to build a high gain sim that doesn't need any booster in front in order to be tight.

- 2 channels, actually two completely different preamp circuit
- 2 modes on each channel, rhythm and lead
- 2 tonestacks assignable to any of the 2 channels
- the usual drive and tone controls

Thanks again to requietus for his great job on the GUI.
Thanks also to the testers : Alu, daxliniere, cococo, shogger, Dimi, onqel and HOTRIFF.

New version 1.01:
- more output volume
- less volume variations with coutour changes

Download link
LeGion v1.01

Here is a clip from Marcos Ambrosi, a musician and composer from Uruguay.
On the way up

If you want to listen and watch more from this great musician:

Make a donation if you think it sounds good and it's useful for you.

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  1. Oh Great Lepou !

    Thank you for sharing your awsome audio work.
    I couldn't test Legion yet. I want to donate but I'm from Argentina and don't know how.

    Thank you for your work. This aren't only kind words. I really appreciate your work and your talent.

  2. Lepou, this amp is awsome! Wow it sound so full. I like it too much!

    Just want to tell you the contour botton issue. The volume suffers when you dial it. I read about this in the Andy's forum too.
    Another issue is the output. It is a little low.
    This amp is one of my favourite among any other for heavy stuff.

    Thanks again for your work.

  3. Thanks Dario.
    I'm aware of the contour and the output issues. I'm gonna fix them asap.

  4. This amps Rocks so much!
    Thanks Lepou!
    Gustavo ( also from argentina :) )

  5. It's the best amp I ever played o.O and I work in a music shop so I played with engls marshalls and what not. this is awesome, and free o.O thank you!

  6. Bravo à un talent local! T'es rendu une célébritée dans le monde des plugins! J'ai pas encore essayé mais je suis sur que c'est aussi incroyable que tout le reste!

    ps : as tu pensé a faire une simulation de power amp à part entière? Ce serait génial!

  7. Merci François... célébrité... j'pense pas.
    Oui j'ai déjà travaillé sur modèle de poweramp mais j'ai eu des problèmes avec le transfo. Il faudrait que je m'y remettre un jour.

  8. L'output du LeGion semble plus faible que ceux de tes autres plugins?

    Output from your LeGion seems weaker than the other plugins?

  9. I'd like to thank and celebrate your work with every amp plugin. As a begginer working with VST, virtual amplification, and IRs (time ago this words could sound me of chinese) I think that it deserves for me a great aprecciation. The SoloC (1st) is fantastic, and I've just touch a little bit with this one and I just can say that is ¡perfect! for the vibes that I usually play.

    From Madrid - Spain, receive a big pint of cold Belgian beer in your honor :)

    - Andros

  10. Hello LePou.

    Thank you very much for your job!
    This one is too noisy :( Can you fix it? Your amp LE456 much better and there is no such big noise with same sound. Honestly I can't find the difference between these amps. So why you made Legion? For what? :) No difference. Well...almost. I like the "Presence" in this amp. To pitty LE456 has no such well-done presence.

  11. These are two tone-wise drastically different amps to me. This one is fat and roaring. And then, it doesn't need a TS. One thing I agree with is that 456 is unbeatable when it comes to noiselessness.

    Once again, thank you so much, Lepou!

  12. Hello,
    Legion by far is the best sim on the planet!
    Used as a plugin with RevalverII I am getting the best tone ever!
    I have tried just about everything out there and it's the only one that even comes close to my 50w Plexi. With Legion and the other Poulin amps my search is over! I can use these in the studio for everything from a clear shimmering clean sound to heavy vintage sound to a monster overdriven sweet smooth lead sound.


    Ron Freschi
    Syrym, Babylon A.D.

  13. Hi
    Do you plan to release you plugs for Mac?

  14. Thanks Ron,

    I'm glad you like it. Got your message. I'll keep you posted on futur development.

    @Phone Cuts : Unfortunately, no plan for Mac version yet.

  15. I'd be happy to be beta tester or produce sample clips for you in my studio, drums and all!.

    It's the least I can do besides my donation.

  16. you are helping so many people to stay away from cracked software and all the problems that come along with that. i dont need amplitube or revalver when i have your plugins!

    really, everything youve done since the hibrit has been fucking awesome. this one is probably the best yet. please keep going!

  17. LePou, would this come in handy when developing plugins for all systems?

  18. Hi, im using cubase 5 and amplitube and i can add these plugins to my tone after i have recorded but how do i use these plugins in real time? thanks Bill.

  19. Just thought I'd say that now I finally have a good enough rig to run this stuff, I'm absolutely blown away! Poulin will be featuring heavily on the new album :] Great work!!!

  20. Thanks Chimp, I'm glad you like it.

    Hey pesmith, have you been able to run it in real time ? Insert the plugins in an effect slot and make sure to monitor the output. That should do the trick.

  21. Il déchire ce plug! C'est parfait pour du gros death qui bourre sa grand-mère. Plus besoin d'un vrai ampli...

  22. I absolutely love this amp plug-in. Have you ever thought of reverse engineering this into a real amp? I'd buy! Also, I wonder if anyone out there has hosted this in the Muse Reactor and Run it through a power amp...?

  23. Lepou Viejo Men!!! Greetings from Colombia, What an Amazing Amp Sim, The best from the beast, de lo mejor, and its even as loud as any true Tube Amp, how did you do it??? i wanna learn because i think its a Gem. Yours Truly make a Diference.

    Keep on Rocking in The Free World.


  24. I love this amp. Is there anything in the real world that sounds similar to this? I know you said it's an original design, but surely there's something close to it.

    By the way, I'm running this with a Marshall 1960a w/ SM57 impulse, and it sounds great. I can get an almost Slash-like sound with it.

  25. This is by far the best/more versatile sim I've heard to the date.
    Thanks a lot for it!!
    From your own words you describe it as a "preamp"... to my ears it doesn't need any other thing after it (excepting some cabinet ir's afterwards).
    But just to try and see.. do you have a recommendation for a power amp to put in between?
    I haven't currently found any specific power amp simulation, but maybe I haven't searched enough.
    Thanks again!! :)

  26. mac music forum posts that this is mac compatible now, AU and VST. however, when i download the LeGion plug .rar file, it decompresses to a useless text file. any thoughts? thanks.

  27. I would like to send a big thank you to mr. LePou, I've recorded the debut album of my death metal band with the Legion plugin. You can check one song on the link below. Your plugins are the best of the best, keep rocking dude.


  28. Mon préféré pour tout genre trash rythm

  29. Hey just wanted to say, I love your Plugins! I used LeGion a lot on my recordings, in fact I'm recording two albums right now using LePou plugins for all guitar sounds. Check out this finnished song: http://soundcloud.com/oliver-kaah/oliver-kaah-filter-master-1-1

  30. Thanks so much for your VSTs! I made this album only using LeGion and LeCab 2: http://oliverkaah.bandcamp.com/

  31. This is an amazing plugin, It totally kicked amplitube's ass, I always use this plugin for distorted heavy guitars, I just love it, and also I always use LeCab2, I hope that this free VST's keep developing, 'cause it's a great help for new musicians and I think it's the future (and mostly present) of the new live and independent studio sound.

    Be sure as hell that I'll be donating a few bucks, because this totally helped me, thanks a lot

    I used LeGion and LeCab2 on this original song:

  32. I was wondering, is there a way to change channels external to the plugin? It would be nice if I could set up a footswitch somehow. Just to reiterate everyone's opinion - This amp is awesome!

  33. I love this Vst, your plugins are the best´, i´m working in a new project and this vst´s are my way to recording my guitars!, i´ll share my work to you Lepou. and thanks very much!!!

  34. Legion + recabinet 3.5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=i2xL20hEOrY Thanks Lepou ;)

  35. Hey,

    I want to test this plugin, but the link is apparently dead...

    Where can I download it?

    Thanks you!

  36. I want to get this plugin, but the link is dead.
    Please cope with it.

    1. Amp sims pack include Le gion.

      上の右の青い枠の Amp sims pack にLegion入ってますよ

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  38. can't download them plugins any more.. error says lot of traffic in the link!

  39. Hello, could you fix the link please?

  40. http://www.vst4free.com/free_vst.php?id=958 seems to be working here

  41. You can develop a simulator marshall jvm ?

  42. thnx for plugin! where can i get version 1.01 for mac with stereo option?

  43. Hello, when I download sim pak I get only dll file applications. What am I dong wrong thanks

  44. Best HighGain Amp Ever. Sounds better than my real tube amp.

  45. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNu4Wpn2hFA