samedi 6 février 2010


LeXTAC has been inspired by a great Californian boutique amplifier.

· Ch 1 (Clean/Yellow): gain, bass, middle, treble, contour, power amp gain volume, 3 positions pre eq, gain boost.

· Ch 2 & Ch 3 (Blue & Red): gain, bass, middle, treble, contour, power amp gain, volume, 3 positions pre eq, gain-structure, gain boost and plexi mode.

All channels have a 3 positions Pre EQ switch : Normal, Bright and Brighter. The higher you set the gain control, the less effect the Pre EQ will have on the sound. All channels also have a gain boost.

Channel 2 & 3 (Blue & Red) have two other switches to give the user different gain/tone :
· The Plexi channel is a lower gain channel than the normal Blue & Red ones. The plexi channel can be assigned to either Channel 2 or 3. Note: structure switch and Gain Boost switch are inactive in Plexi mode.

· The Structure switch is an overall gain reduction switch for Channels 2 & 3. When ON (high position), both channels 2 & 3 have less gain. Obviously, when OFF (down position), the preamp will more gain.

The beautiful GUI was design by requietus.

Thanks again to all the testers.

Some demo clips by Dimitar Nalbantov :





Make a donation if you think it sounds good and it's useful for you.

38 commentaires:

  1. Thank you Lepou. What to say... I really thank you for sharing this incredible stuff with us.
    Your work deserves all our gratitude.

    From Argentina,

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  3. Alain
    Thank you so much for this gem. I'll be definitely using it on my newer songs !

  4. Great work! The sound of your plugin is excellent and the gui is great too!

    I am following your site and I have to tell that your plugins are one of the best I found!

  5. Thanks a lot guys.
    Have fun.

    @Vladimir: Go visit requietus site and leave him a big thanks, he's the one who deserves all the credit for the GUI.

  6. @Jacaré: Let me know when the new song is finish, I would like to hear it.

    Cheers Man

  7. Yeah, Man! This is an another excellent work!
    Thank you!


  8. Thanks Lepou!
    Excellent plug! Creamy sound!

    Gustavo - Cococo

  9. Yes burned_opeth89 it needs an IR. It's just an amp sim.

    @ Gustavo & Gábor: Thanks guys, have fun it.

  10. ok lepou, as I hoped :) thank so much, and thanks to requietus!

  11. Looking forward to trying this, any plans for more Californian boutique amplifiers?

  12. with cab brand, is more similiar to the emulated head?

  13. What speaker cab emulations are being used in the demos? I can't get my stuff to sound as good as this with my can emus and IRs.

  14. Hey Justin, I don't know what cabs Dimi used. Maybe if you go on his site and ask him directly you'll have better luck.

  15. I used Red Wire Impulse Responses - Marshall 4x12 with Green Backs.

  16. Thanks Dimi for the answer.
    Very helpfull.

  17. Good day, excellent work... What amp is this sim based on?

  18. Hi Ian, it's roughly based on a Bogner XTC.

  19. Hi Lepou :)
    Nice work, i'm playing it everyday with a lot of fun !
    What shematic did you use to recreate that amplifier ?

  20. Thannnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuu!!!

  21. aide! tous qui parlent de ces simulateurs d'ampli e des leurs qualites et je n'ai pas encore compris comme on fait par les installer. Il faut avoir un programme hote pour les plugins ou marchent'il tot seuls? mes tentatives origines name and folders mais sans boutons de start. Je suis un vieil guitarist a la 1ere fois dans un blog e je ne suis pas sur d'avoir bien compris le regles mais si quelq'un peut m'aider.... better in french or spanish or portuguese...(italiano?)
    Thanks Martin50

  22. I can't see the download link, where is it?

  23. I made an automap file for noavation SL users:

    Check it out if you're interested.

  24. Amazing tones. I am really impressed! is there a way you can share the amp settings of Dimi's demo clips? (Especially the Gretsch kit demo)Thanks, André

  25. This rocks you have done a most triumphant job!!!

  26. There's no download link :-/. Could you please post a new Link, LePou?

  27. Look at the "latest version download links" to the right side of the main page. You can get it there.

  28. This is absolutely amazing! It's without doubt the best amp sim I've ever used!

  29. Merci Boucoup,
    I've sent over $10.00 USD Merry Christmas. Will send more $$$ later (and all you other guys should, too !!!)

  30. hey man...i cannot run the program

  31. Excellet! Excellent Amp sim. Not only do I absolutely LOVE the creamy overdrive/crunch tones, but I just adore the very smooth, well-rounded clean channel. I enjoy the clean channel every bit as much as ANY commercial "Fender" amp sim. Warm, "breathy", crisp, searing, round, - so many tones, but never, ever harsh sounding. I also use RedWirez IRs in LeCab2. Unbeatable combination.

  32. Hi LePou,

    Great work! I'm just having a small problem with LeXtac in Digital Performer 7.24, PPC, Leopard.

    The settings don't seem to save. Or, more precisely, the channel. input, gain, pre-eq, poweramp and output settings are scrambled when I re-open a project.

    Your other amps seem to behave ok (from just a quick test).

    Any ideas?

    Also: any plans to create a dedicated bass amp sometime?


  33. Thank you very much for your work, here's a mix I did with your LexTac, it compliments the midrange and pick attack of my playing very well:

  34. omg can someone tell me how to download?

  35. This one is finaly my favorite, as for all kind from clean, crunch to High gain metal, albost thie pre-eq replace the use of a tube screamer booster very well. A very versatile amp! :)