vendredi 31 juillet 2009

LeCab v1.0

LeCab v1.0 is simply the IR cab loader of SoloC FullStack with a stereo option.
Here how the stereo option works:
Indpendent Mode : The left signal is processed with Cabinet 1 and the right signal with Cabinet 2. You can position each of the resulting signals with the pan knobs.
Blend Mode : Both signals are processed with each Cabinet. The volume knobs of each cabinet are linked. This time you can position each of the resulting signals with the pan knobs.

It comes with different GUI : two made by me and one made by ThexBucket from GAM.


Donate if you like it and think it's useful.

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  1. hallo,
    this is finally a cab impulse loader reaaly usefull.
    Thank you so much.....but there is a thing that can make it perfect....two arrows, up and down to switch from one external impulse to the next in the same you think it will be possible?
    if not thanks anyway

  2. Thanks Paolo,
    I'm actually working that. It should be included in the next version.

  3. Hi LePou, first off, thank you so much for the free plugins you offer. They are fantastic.

    Do you have any idea when you will release a 1.1 (or 1.0.1 or whatever) that will include the up/down arrows? That's a feature that I would love to see as well. Begging for it, actually.

  4. As the rocker dudes I grew up with used to say: "Bitchin'"

  5. Fantastic Cab loader, LePau. Does it do more than just convolving?

    - Gisle

  6. I found another bug. Sometimes when you load impulses it fails and loads a weird sound and I have to load them again

  7. Sonar 8 64bit and 8.5 64bit freezing every time when I try save project, undo something or delete LeCab plugin???

  8. Great Stuff here!!! But I do have one issue with LeCab V1.0. Maybe it's my daw (Reaper 32 bit on Vista 64) not sure but when I set the speaker panning in LeCab and save my project the next time I load the project all the panning has been been set back to center. Any suggestions?

  9. Problem solved, it was me! ;) Again, loving these!

  10. Hey man, any news on the known bugs? It would also be really cool to have the ability to load a 3rd impulse for some ambiance like the Red Wire impulses

  11. Hey Guys, I have two new amp sims on their way and as soon as I'm done with them I'm gonna revisited LeCab. I know their is a need for that kind of plugin and LeCab v1.0 contains different kind of bugs.

  12. Hi man,

    Thanks for all your amazing work. However on Reaper 64 (Windows 7 x64) when I load le456 (which works fine and amazing), and then load lecab with external or internal IR's, the sound signal is immediately distorted into a pitchshifted , muddled up, slow droning noise... Is this something to do with the x64 bit plugin or the cab ir's? :). If you can help it would be greatly appreciated!

  13. Hey there,

    really looking forward to your next version of LeCab, the first one is awesome already :)

    All the best and keep it up!

  14. hi LePou,
    some day ago I published a song I've written, performed and engineered. I've got the sound of ryhtm guitars (the heaaaaavy and distooooorted ones !!!) using your LeCab coupled with AcmeBarGig Preampus Metal C-15.

    Judge yourself the result, here the link of the song:

    DARKEST ERA (5:02)

    You can also play Darkest Era online on my website, MUSIC section, FLY AWAY album, at

    bye and thanx for LeCab !!!
    Francesco aka frankygoes

  15. technical question about LeCab:

    my project runs at 96khz/24 bit, if i create an IR at 192khz and use that with LeCab, what goes on behind the scenes? does it use that samplerate or does it downsample to the project rate before or after it does its processing? so i suppose the real question is: is there any benefit to using a high resolution IR with LeCab or is it best to just use an IR that is the same resolution as the project?

    thanks so much.

  16. Hi LePou, great program! Can you please tell me what are the internal cabs? Thank you very much, and keep it going!

  17. Thats another awesome tool I use - thanks. I think it doesnt need to have built-in IRs. It makes more buttons and the plugin has more kb's. Thats heavier for RAM I think? Honestly those ones are sounding really bad

  18. Where I can get SoloC FullStack?

  19. Hey guys,

    Sorry for not writing and answerinf very often... no excuses !

    @shawn : Yes LeCab will downsample the IR to match the project sampling rate.

    @Roland : I don't know exactly what Alu (from guitar amp modelling) use for the Internal IR of LeCab.

    @AbuseArt : A new version of LeCab is on its way and it will not include any internal IR.

    @Andrey : It's part of the Canaidian Metal Release

    Thanks everyone for your support.

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  21. Hey LePou.
    Just wanted to ask about the incoming new version of LeCab.

    Few questions and suggestions:

    Firsty, When? It's been months.

    I'd suggest releasing a few versions of the VST:

    1)Light version - Single cab without filters, delay, phase. Just latency, stereo switch, and the volume. That's the one I'd like to have.
    2) Feature full Single Cab.
    3) Feature full double cab.

    Do you already have the GUI for LeCab? I could make it for you if you are interested.
    If you won't like my design, you can just use anything else. I don't mind working on it and getting it rejected. My Email is Visprotis at gmail dot com.

    I think that LeCab should have its own impulse folder next to the .dll where you place your wavs ant LeCab reads them automatically. This way we won't need to use a file browser to find your impulse database.

    I never found an impulse loader i like. They are either to overblown with features i don't need, or they are to slow, and little of them have a drop down list to select the impulse, you allways have to use the damn browser... Hopefully the new LeCab should fix these problems.

    Thank you for your time.

  22. Hi LePou,

    I used your awesome LeCab (v3 is my favourite) on a track I just posted on YouTube. If you want to check it, the link is:


  23. Minor bug:
    Lecab will crash your Cubase/Protools in case it cannot find the impulses you loaded to it.

    This can happen when the user deletes the Impulses or if he removes the drive where the impulses are on.

  24. I cant seem to download this anywhere