mercredi 10 juin 2009

New SoloC coming soon

Just to let you know that a new SoloC will be out soon. I’ll probably release it in 3 versions:
- PreAmp (as the previous version but with another GUI),
- Head (same PreAmp with a PowerAmp model)
- FullStrack (Head plus two impulse loaders)

New features included:
-a quality switch to control the amount of oversampling and at the same time the CPU comsumption
-a mono/stereo switch
-settings saved by channels
-new way of channel/mode selection to allow automation and switching with an external controller
-a PowerAmp model

More specifically for the FullStack version:
a) two internal default IR cabs provided by Alu from GAM
b) for each IR loader
-a switch between internal default IR and external IR
-a mute and a phase inverter switches
-a delay of up to 5 ms
-HP and LP filters
-Automatic trim of the impulse to minimize phase issue
-Automatic normalisation to minimize volume difference between impulse
c)two modes for the impulse processing (independent and blend)
-independent : as it says, independent control of each IR
-blend : both IR are centered panned and the 2 volume knobs are linked ( rising 1 volume knob decreases the other one by the same value in order to keep the overall volume level)

So, here are screenshots.

A big thank to the testers from ABG, as well as Alu, john2910, Agreed and hawkevil from GAM for your time, comments and suggestions.

The official release of the new SoloC is gonna be part of a mega release with the new DIG2.5 from my friends at AcmeBarGig as well as Cabinet IR files specially designed for SoloC from Catharsis Studios, and ReCabinet freeware IR's. Our friends at AcmeBarGig will also add some extra effects in the same package as well. This will launch the official re-opening of the AcmeBarGig website so visit them frequently.

3 commentaires:

  1. This gona be awesome! Thank you very much for your work, solos is so far the absolutely best software ampsim I've tried!

    Didn't really get if this new release is going to be commercial?

  2. Thanks Alexander.

    This new release will contain only free stuff. It is a joint release with my friends at AcmeBarGig, who provide a couple of new plugins,and Catharsis Studio who will provide three new impulses design for SoloC.