jeudi 15 octobre 2009


Here is my latest amp sim. It's a preamp sim roughly based on a famous German gear. It has 2 channels and 2 modes per channel. Each channels/modes share the same features. Apart from the usual tone controls (drive, low, mid, high and contour), each channels/modes offer two different tone stacks that can be accessed via the focus switches. Bottom and bright switches can be used to boost the low and the high frequencies respectively. On the low gain channel only (Clean/Crunch), the effectiveness of the bright switch decreases with the gain settings.

A big thank to requietus for the beautiful GUI. Go visit his site, you will find a lot of interesting things.

Thanks also to the testers from ABG: Todd, John, DigitalMan and Shogger. Thanks also too Alu and cococo from GAM as well as onqel from sneap's forum for testing.

Few sound clips from Shogger: clip1 clip2 clip3

Make a donation if you think it sounds good and it's useful for you. Thanks.

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  1. FUCK yeah man. I love your stuff! Thanks!

  2. Lepou, this amp is superb, as all your work, congrats!

    Gustavo Ansaldi ( Cococo )

  3. Thanks to you Gustavo for the time you spent on testing. Help from guys like you is a must for me.


  4. u are master !!! and u creating the most exellent simulations this days !!!
    im using soldano sim for new records !!!
    its amazing!!!

  5. Lepou, just a few words...

    Thank you for sharing your love to art with us.

    Dari, from Argentina

  6. Wah amazing work! congratulations & greetings!!!

  7. I really appreciate your work!

  8. Hello from France!
    Amplitube Metal, Guitar Rig, Revalver MK3, literally buried! i used Aplitube Metal since many mouth. I discovered your softwares one week ago, it's maby the best amp simulator.
    I use Poulin LE456 on hi gain, high quality, with bright and bottom "on", and Lecab C with the IR 2off-preshigh, exelent for death metal!
    you can hear that at the song is: Etheral Nemesis. Thanks for all!

  9. Hello LePou! Great stuff man!!
    Do you know the settings for the 2nd sound awsome!

  10. Man this is AWESOME!
    Look, I'm a programmer.
    If you want I can make a
    Mac Os AudioUnit out of it.

  11. Oh, I just realized you use synthedit :(
    Anyway, keep making stuff like this!

  12. Merci Mathias, je vais certainement aller écouter ta musique.

    Hey Domenico, don't why you think I used synthmaker... I used the Steinberg development kit in C++.

  13. Uh, the effects in the canadian metal release are clearly made with synthmaker.
    I thought you used it for the other plugins also.
    So if you are interested in a mac os (and standalones too) porting just tell me!

  14. Salut LePou !
    LE456 : c'est la meilleure simulation d'ampli high gain du marché !
    (non hardware)
    Rem : je suis guitariste et informaticien depuis plusieus décennies : chapeau bas !
    Un petit commentaire : fais nous un LE456 avec les simul cab intégrées et un crunch plus anglais (celui du 456 est un peu lugubre) et tu fais péter tous les softs du marché : rien à cirer des effets intégrés qui glougloutent on a tout ce qui faut en VST.
    Attention à la conso CPU et à sa stabilité ainsi qu' à la latence globale.
    Encore toute mes félicitations :)

  15. Can I ask a stupid question? I'm new to this there some other program I need to have installed to get the plug-in to work?


  16. You need a DAW program like REAPER, or a VST host program, such as the aptly named VST Host. you would load the plugin in the one of the aforementioned programs, and then begin playing. I'd also recommend an using an ASIO equipped soundcard, along with a DI box, or an external USB audio interface, such as the Line6 Pod Studio GX.

  17. Ouch sa vas tué sa mec. Je l'ai essayé en vst host avec revalver je trouvais qui manquais de mordant un peut et ce n,est pas une question de frequence mais plutot une question de reponse du pick mais je me suis amusé avec et ensuite je me suis fait une petite toune avec sur mon cubase et ouff superbement facille a travaillé dans un mix. sa sonne tres bien je lui donne trois qualificatif ( Chaud, large et maléable) une vrai réeussite bravo. Je suis impressionné de voir ce que un petit dll peut avoir dans le corps c'est fénomenal que des maths pour bon entendant. Merci

  18. Hi mate, I'd like to try porting your VSTs to OSX. Drop me a line - dudu [at] - if you're interested. I've never done any kind of audio development before (I'm a networking/system programming type of guy), but always wanted to. I'd love to give it a shot.


  19. Fantastic amp!!, I don't suppose you could go into any details on the programming involved?

  20. @Marshall : Merci, c'est bien apprécié. Des maths... à qui le dis-tu ?

    @guitarplayaman7 : Have you been able to make it work ? Thanks Vox for the reply.

    @Dudu : No intention to port to Mac or Linux. Maybe later. Thanks anyway.

    @Dave Thomas : Going into the details would take too much time. Feel free to ask any more specific questions ?

  21. Thanks for the reply, I wondered what approach you used to model the amp i.e. a spice simulation of the original circuit at a component level, modelling the frequency anlysis etc

  22. Hey Dave, first thing is to develop a tube model that is fast enough for real time processing. I have base mine on Koren's tube model. Then I model the rest of the circuit at component level. I used spice for comparisaon and validation purpose. Are you planning to get into amp modelling ?
    Hope it helps.

  23. Yeah I want to build some amp models using a lot higher accuracy than usual, hopefully using DSP hardware from graphics cards to help with the calculations.

    Which particulat calculations did you have trouble with for realtime?

    I was planning on doing a high accuracy impulse cabinet model too, again using the graphics cards hardware, what was your starting point for LeCab?

  24. About the realtime issue, if you look at the Koren's tube model, you'll see that the mathemaitcal formulation contain exponential and suare root functions. Combine with the fact that ypu need to oversample the signal to get rid of aliasing, you understand that CPU can increase quickly.

    When you talk about DSP hardware from graphic cards, are you referring to CUDA technology ? I have quickly look at that technology and I don't think it could be of any uses for amp modelling. I think it could be very usefull for parallel calculation. I'm not an expert, I may be wrong.

    Starting point for LeCab... FFT.

  25. yeah CUDA and ATIs Stream stuff, that kind of hardware and API are optimised for linear equasions like FFT and impulses, It could be that it wont be much use for amp sims unless they can make use a linear equasions in a stream like fashion...

    Did you implement all of your code in C++ or did you use some assembler and SSE?

  26. Hey! Congratulation!

    This is the best amp sim so far. Superb quality and very usable higain tone.
    May I ask what kind of amp can produce similar tone? I don't want to put a laptop on the stage :)

    Best regards,

  27. Hey, i listened to clips and you did an AWESOME Job!
    But I'm wondering why you don't want to develop a Mac Audio unit, is it for technical issues?
    Can't you just "export" as an AU? sorry for the dumb questions, but I am not a technician, just a musician!

    Thank you!

  28. @Dave : I do all the coding in C++.

    @Gabor : This amp sim is inspired by an Engl Powerball. However it is only the preamp section that is modeled, no power amp.

    @Luca : I dn't no much about AU technology but I doubt that a VST can be "simply" expoert to AU. Code has to be modified.

  29. Thanks you! This was my first tip. I love this amp to.

  30. @LePou ... another begging Mac-AU-User here. PLEEEAAASE get together with a Mac-programmer and release a Mac-Version of your amps! I'm willing to donate!

  31. Hey there Lepou. Just wondering how I could have the opportunity to become one of your testers on the Mesa sim.. I'm using Reaper on Windows 7 through a Boss GS-10 unit.

    I Certainly will be donating once I get my money all in order. For now I'm saving for a Mesa Boogie amp.

  32. OMG! Its just fantastic! Definitely the best highgain ampsim Ive ever tried.

    Thank you so much for making this, and making it available for free!

  33. I just tried the clean&crunch channels and WOW... these are just as good as highgain ones. This is unbelievable how cool this amp is! Thank you once again. =)

  34. Thanks Alexander.
    I'm glad you like it.
    Have fun

  35. Thanks so much for all of your hard work with this plug (as well as the cab one for IRs).

    I'd like to volunteer my services as a skinner for future releases.


  36. I'ts bloody great to hear an amp sim that sounds so much more than feasable. sounds amazing when run alongside Recabinet IRs.

    Absolutely amazing plugin! thanks LePou!

  37. Grate amp!!!
    My favorite.
    Thank you so much!!!

  38. speechless... WOW!!!! Awesome!!!!

  39. Hi! Could anyone send me MAC AU version of this cool plug-in on my e-mail


  40. Sorry oss5500, there is no Mac Au version of any of my plugins...
    Just don't have a Mac...

  41. someone donate lePou a mac please....this HAS to be ported to mac...

  42. Hi Paul,

    I'm a Polish musician and a beginner producer. Thank you a lot for this amp. That's best sounding thing ever, perfect for heavy modern rock and it loves Recabinet. Unfortunately I can't donate you now but I hope sometime I will.

    Thanks again.

  43. I think a lot of people would donate for a MAC AU port. If anyone is capable of porting a pc vst to a mac vst or mac au email me at

  44. I would chip in for Mac AU versions of LePou's stuff...and I've only ever heard clips of it! Just an awesome thing going on here.

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  46. Si tu pouvais les optimiser et faire qu'ils soient moins gourmand en CPU, tes VST atteindraient la perfection(je n'y connais rien donc c'est facile de critiquer);)
    Mis à part ça je joue sur une pauvre Cort et j'ai l'impression d'avoir une gratte de marque qui vaut la peau des rouleaux, ça sonne trop bien et a l'air très stable, je redécouvre ma guitare grâce à toi, merci pour tout!!Tu casses toute les autres marques payantes,qui en plus, sont hors de prix !Continues ainsi your a genius !Ciao

  47. OMG!!!
    This is a lot superior than any other amp sim.
    I think it's even better than hundreds dollars amplitube.
    Thank you so much for your afford.

  48. Awesome stuff! I'm absolutely addicted to all of your plugins, but this one f*ucking rocks! It's almost an ENGL with the proper IRs. Congratulations and I too are hoping for an AU version for my iMac. Thanks so much!

  49. 'll look repetitive ... I hope so in a version for Logic!

  50. Hi, LePou!

    I've just recently discovered your modeling plugins and I'm really impressed with your achievements!

    I see that you are open for a technical discussion. I'm into software amp modelling as well and I would really appreciate if we could talk a bit on the maths and coding stuff. Maybe I can provide something useful for you as well :)

    I couldn't find your e-mail address, so if you find time, could you please contact me at flanger4 ?


  51. Great plugin...
    It is a pity that this is not for Mac ((((

  52. This amp is incredible. A whole group project written with LE456.

    Absolutely Awesome!!
    Thanx for the amp

  53. LePou! I will be using your amp sims (either Le456 or LeCto) in an upcoming album of mine!

  54. When I download, all I see is a .dll file. IS their a VST file? How do I get this to work in reaper?

    1. Move that .dll file to VST folder of Reaper. Idk exactly location of VST folder for reaper, because i am using FL Studio.

      And this VST is great for amplifying basses for dubstep music!!!

  55. i am having issues i have extracted rar to MY FL 10 Studios Generator and tried data ..plugins no luck it says something about registering it

  56. how do you install this on fl studios. it's a rar and fl studios 10 will not read it because it needs to be in dll format. any help on how to get this onto fl studios 10?

  57. how do you turn the rar into a dll file?

  58. je ne comprend pas sa dit qui nest peut etre pas enregistrer ? quelqun peut maider ?

  59. Tout les liens sont morts ! :-/
    Links dead !! :-(

  60. Here are some working links, nothing to do with me :)
    Windows 32bit:
    Windows 64bit:

  61. can anyone pls tell me how to register the le456 in the system32, i tried typing "regsvr32 le456.dll" into cmd and it says:
    The module "c:\Windows\System32\Le456.dll" failed to load.
    Make sure the binary is stored at the specific path or debug it to check the problems with the binary or dependent *.dll files.
    The specified module module cannot be found.
    And in another instance it says in the above context that the entry point point cannot be found, any help ?

  62. Im having trouble loading the vst in FL Studio 10. It will not find the vst any where. Any idea how I can get FL Studio to find the plugin. I have tried everything

  63. Bro i am not able to download...can you help me =D

  64. I can't download this... it says 509 error in dropbox....
    I need this plugin... help!

  65. I can't download it! I am not good with installing effects, so please help!

  66. Please upload again..i have a if you have too and you and a reupload :D

  67. Error 509 :( please upload it again..comment if you have that eroor too..really now..reupload the file and solve the problem ;)